Skin by Dana - Waxing - Manhattan Beach, CA
Skin by Dana - A spa experience
Safe and sanitary waxing is always practiced. Pomegranate hard wax provides a gentle waxing experience for the face and brows. Comfort and safety are always a first priority! Calming products are always applied post wax. Please let me know if you are currently using any prescription skincare products such as Retin-A, Renova, Differin or Tazorac.

Eyebrow wax and shape            $25
Eyebrow Tweeze Only                $20
Lip                                                     $15
Chin                                                  $15
Nose                                                 $20
Underarm                                       $20
Half Arm                                         $25
Full Arm                                           $35
Half Leg                                          $35
Full Leg                                            $50
Bikini Line                                       $35
Deep Bikini                                    $38
Brazilian                                          $45
Men's Chest                                  $50
Men's Back                                   $50
Eyelash Color                                     $25
Eyebrow Color                                   $15
Brow Color and Wax                         $35
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